Decision Support Systems

Unsurpassed reporting and analysis facilities for decision support systems

Select Business Solutions through its UltraQuest and NOMAD product lines supports the building of Decision Support Systems (DSS). The concept of a Decision Support System is a software system that helps facilitate the management’s decision-making process. With our products, an organization’s users can analyze and join data from a variety of data sources, and produce output in a number of formats based on the needs of the target user.

UltraQuest Applications includes support for two or three tier Web-based Decision Support Systems. UltraQuest Applications provides decision support facilities, efficient data access, shared servers, security, and rapid application development, producing a simple and quick integration of mainframe OS/390 and VM systems with the Web for fast decision making.

NOMAD also offers maximum flexibility for the development of all types of decision support and reporting systems. The highly versatile LIST command offers a variety of formatting and annotation options, and is a powerful tool for financial reporting. For new or occasional users, a syntax-free, windowed environment is optionally available for creating and maintaining databases and point-and-pick reporting.

NOMAD offers a set of integrated decision-support features including a full range of mathematical and statistical functions for working with financial and time-oriented data. More than 140 fully integrated functions are predefined and operate on any item in the database, at any sort level. They automatically handle most data manipulation requirements, from simple functions such as sum and average, to sophisticated operations such as depreciation, ROI and net present value. Additionally, NOMAD provides consolidation and aggregation, modeling, what-if and goal-seek analysis.


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