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At Select Business Solutions, we recognize that our success hinges on your success with our products. Just one call to your sales manager triggers immediate action and transforms our company into an extension of your team. Our Consultancy or Professional Services team offers a diversity of experience that will enable your organization to be extremely successful with our products.

  • Installation and Configuration
    Some customers prefer onsite assistance to install and configure our software with respect to their site’s security, unique requirements or staffing level.
  • Mentoring
    Identify where additional training may be required to flatten the “learning curve”. Help ensure the team are equipped to leverage full value from our tools. Minimize the risk of adopting new technology by making arrangements for onsite training that is scheduled to fit a desired timeframe, number of participants and type of training.
  • Application Design & Legacy Reengineering
    By participating in customer project teams, we help develop appropriate system designs and database analysis methods. We can also help customers revitalize and extend existing mission critical applications to new environments such as the Web often without costly rewrites.
  • Data Warehousing & Data Marts
    This service and our proven methodology provides appropriate data management solutions that include data marts, data warehouses, operational data stores and many unique implementations depending on customer requirements.
  • Application Development
    This service assists projects teams in the various stages of application development. This includes all the traditional development activities such as specifications, template code, programming, testing and ongoing system enhancements.
  • Performance Tuning
    On occasion, it becomes necessary to analyze an application’s performance. Our high-level consultants can help analyze application design and performance using special products tools and methodology that we developed. Customers generally experience significant performance gains and immediate savings in people time and computer resources.
  • Application Support
    If you finding it difficult to find experieced programmers to modify, enhance or just support your current applications, Select has experienced consultants who can professionally perform those application tasks for you.
  • Life Cycle Support
    Help is available throughout your development cycle, from the analysis and design stages right through to implementation and the final roll-out to end users. We can also help you with all aspects of your project, including programming and QA, feeding comments and improvements back to the team and their managers/stakeholders.
  • Project Management
    Provide an independent audit of the team, their activities and the progression towards the project goals. Help ensure best practices are adopted.
  • Reviewing
    Recommend process or tool customizations where required, based upon organizational goals and standard. Application review and recommendations for efficiency and effective use of techniques.
  • Troubleshooting
    If you have unforeseen problems which can't be dealt with over the phone or through email we can come in and help work through the issues with you.

So whether the help you need is with our products or is application related, only Select Business Solutions has the expertise and incentive to assure the successful implementation of your applications. Your requirements and deadlines become ours and this approach has served our customers very well for many years.

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